VR accessible
to everyone.

Operate in traditional cinemas, synchronizing
with existing surround sound systems.

Through our internally developed software, we are
able to utilise standardised, ‘off-the-shelf’ hardware in a way that has never been done before.

Patent-pending Tech

Within the black box of cinema systems we can utilise the existing outputs of the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) to trigger our synchronization system.

There is no requirement for theatres to make any changes to their existing infrastructure, we just add Surround Sync to offer a unique immersive experience. Therefore, traditional cinema and VR cinema can be played interchangeably.

Surround Sound

Additional Audio Channels
7.1 and Dolby Atmos enables surround sound that better matches the action happening

Enhanced Audio Definition
Enhances audio definition so individual sounds are clearer and more distinct

Precision Sound Placement
Greater resolution of the sound placement allows a better match between audio and what’s on screen

Better Sound for All Seats
Improves the surround sound experience across the entire theatre by widening the listening "sweet spot”


Virtual Surround Sound
Our immersive ambisonic headphone
delivery solution mimics the 360° external surround sound experience

Noise Cancelling
More suitable option to ensure the audience can enjoy an immersive experience when there's background noise

Cost Effectiveness
Headphones can be a cost-effective alternative, especially for venues that do not have a pre-installed surround sound theater

Space Saving
For smaller venues that have limited floor space, headphones can be a more effective way to utilise the space compared to installing large speakers

"Virtual reality is the most powerful
storytelling medium the world has ever seen. The problem is, until now,
that there has been no technology
for the story to be told to mass